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Adding event lighting can dramatically enhance the ambiance of any event. When set properly, lighting can emphasize and direct attention to specific areas of interest as well as set the mood for your event. Your Party Gurus uses compact wireless/wired LED lights, which provide bright, brilliant colors while using very little energy. We offer a variety of lighting options to fit your event needs. Complete the contact form to receive our latest packet with additional details


It is important to provide basic lighting if the venue has a dance floor. Our Standard Dance Floor Lighting is sufficient for both large and small areas. Standard Lighting consist of one tripod which has LED lights with an array of colors. We can also customize this setup by adding additional lights such as themed lights and moving head LED’s.


Another way to add to your event is with Uplighting. This is lighting displayed upwards on walls, tables, columns, and other objects that could be highlighted with color. This has become very popular over the past few years and it is a spectacular way to decorate a venue. Compared to traditional Uplights our wireless LED Uplights are able to produce custom colors, they are compact and are cool to the touch should a guest come in contact with them.


If you decide to book Uplighting for your event we can also use it during dancing to offer a fun party atmosphere without all of the tacky lighting fixtures you see a lot of other DJ companies using. Intelligent lighting allows the room to transition color in a smooth fashion and flow with the music.


Monogram Design Lighting will help you personalize your event even more. Custom Monogram lights are used to display customized logos, names or messages. Or select from Predesigned Template Images to add texture and depth to your event venue. Monogram Lights are a unique way to enhance the whole environment of your event.


When wanting to draw the attention of your guess to a specific area, Spot Lighting is an excellent choice. Spot Lighting can be used to focus on the cake table, candy bar, sweetheart table, and any other object or focal point you wish to emphasize.

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